| Nov. 25th, 2015

Unseen Photos from "Occupy Wall Street" Brooklyn Bridge Takeover

On Saturday afternoon, I was in lower Manhattan to witness the "Occupy Wall Street" protest and subsequent march which ended in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge. Anger at the growing gap between the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans and everyone else has prompted protests in other cities, including Portland, Maine, which saw an "Occupy Maine" event on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday around 3:30pm, protesters started marching from Zuccotti Park near Wall Street, past New York's City Hall and onto the Brooklyn Bridge. Over 700 people were arrested after many marchers decided to branch out onto the car lane of the bridge, thus stopping both pedestrian and auto traffic into Brooklyn.

Below are unseen photos I took during the protest, which are being published for the first time here. All were taken during the afternoon and early evening on Saturday, October 1, 2011. The images may be published on other sites, as long as they are credited to the Exception Magazine with a hyperlink back to this page or www.exceptionmag.com.


Thousands gathered in Zuccotti Park a few blocks north of Wall Street around 3PM. This park is the base camp for the protesters. Bullhorns are banned, so messages were spread by repeating chants throughout the crowd.

A group of police awaited the marchers as they assembled in the park.

Around 3:30PM, the march began heading north up along the sidewalk on Broadway.

Police kept the protesters off the street and traffic was able to move by quickly at the start of the march. Double-decker buses for tourists passed by frequently as well, leading to a few funny exchanges.

The marchers moved past the shadow of the Freedom Tower, which is under construction at Ground Zero a block away.

Businesses on Broadway stayed open as thousands walked by with their signs and songs of protest.

There was a bottle-neck at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. Some said the marchers were not organized and didn't know where they were headed. Others claimed there was meant to be a rally on a park on the Brooklyn side of the bridge. Eventually, protesters, many of whom were chanting "Take the Bridge," pushed past a few police who were blocking an on-ramp. The protesters starting filing into the car lane section of the bridge. There is still an ongoing debate as to whether the police effectively let protestors onto the car lane, only to arrest them later.

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The police redirected cars from another on-ramp back onto Manhattan streets.


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