| Nov. 25th, 2015

Unsolicited Advice for Occupy Wall Street Activists: Dress Preppy

Tomorrow afternoon, there will be a rally in Portland, Maine to protest the growing gap between the rich and everyone else. Modeled after the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, which has been active for almost two weeks now in New York City, the "Occupy Maine" event is Saturday at noon in Monument Square.

A 35-year old ally started a long thread on Reddit by arguing that the activists are not being taken seriously because they look like hippies. For the movement to become mainstream, he believes they need to play the media game better. And that includes finding some respectable looking spokespeople who dress like young professionals who are just getting off work. Here's his "key to victory":

Guys, listen. Here's the deal.

I love you guys with every shred of my hard-left leaning heart. But I think you might be doing something wrong. Here is one thing that can help you.

Tomorrow, wear a polo and khakis

Seriously. polos and khakis. Every time you guys DO finally get some fucking press, it's a scrawny dude with dreads in a ratty t-shirt. You're going big here, dress it.
Tomorrow, Polo shirt and Khakis.

Why? Because you need to get the right-leaning equivalent of me on your side. I'm 35 right now. I understand where the hippy thing comes from. I get it as well as a guy who's 35 can. My Counterparts do not. They think you are scummy druggies on welfare and when they see on tv a bunch of people who they think are S.D's on W, they root for the cops to hit you again.

Speaking of the cops, Who do you think they'll mace first? SD's on W, or a guy in khakis and a polo? Seriously, it's fucking cop camouflage. And if they DO come for you.
When people at home see PEOPLE THAT LOOK LIKE THEM getting abused by police... That's when shit changes.

Seeing protesters get beat up means nothing because protesters get beat up all the time. Therefore, don't look like a protester! This connects you to the person watching and opens them to your side!

Do you think the way the messenger is as important as the message? Maine activists, share your thoughts below.


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