By Exception Staff November 06, 2013

Statewide legalization could be next.

By Exception Staff October 02, 2012

Macdonald argued Somali refugees "have to accept our culture."

By Exception Staff September 24, 2012

Mitt's VP pick thinks a vote for Ron Paul is a vote that will help Obama.

By Exception Staff February 29, 2012

What's next for the Maine moderate.

By Exception Staff January 28, 2012

The libertarian-leaning GOP contender could pick up his first win of the primaries.

By Exception Staff November 15, 2011

Over 150 people were arrested as Bloomberg tries to end the movement.

By Exception Staff November 14, 2011

"She supports policies that have...shipped jobs out of Maine," according to Jon Hinck, who is entering the Democratic primary.

By Exception Staff November 10, 2011

The first popularly elected city leader in 88 years.

By Exception Staff November 09, 2011

Maine's 2011 off-year ballot results.

By Exception Staff November 08, 2011

$70 million in unexpected costs.

By Exception Staff November 07, 2011

The Biddeford "racino" is a closer call than the Lewiston slots proposal.

By Exception Staff November 07, 2011

Is a Brennan victory inevitable?

By Exception Staff November 01, 2011

Ethan Strimling also has strong support.

By Exception Staff October 27, 2011

Romney's support in Maine matches Obama's.

By Exception Staff October 25, 2011

The group stands defiant after an attack on the camp from an unidentified car.

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