Maine Diaspora

By R. Stefan Deeran October 21, 2011

"People here in Texas for the most part think of Maine as a very wealthy state."

By Exception Staff October 10, 2011

The Netherlands "isn't experiencing a conservative upheaval which puts the lives of each citizen in jeopardy."

By R. Stefan Deeran October 04, 2011

"If I do move back East, the job opportunities in Boston are more appealing."

By Exception Staff September 28, 2011

"I know that I will return eventually but only after the economy is repaired and built to host all of the native Mainers that have been lost over the years."

By Exception Staff September 26, 2011

"I didn’t feel like local employers valued any of my education or experience in Maine."

By Exception Staff September 22, 2011

"It's funny when I bring people home to Portland and they see what an amazing city it truly is. It's a real hidden gem and I'm ok with it staying that way!"

By Exception Staff September 20, 2011

"Maine is a wonderful place to raise a family. I want my kids to grow up not being afraid to get their feet dirty."

By Exception Staff September 14, 2011

"The Maine Diaspora" is a new section which asks native Mainers why they decided to pack up and leave.

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