Science Says

By Exception Staff November 14, 2013

Red Sox and Yankees fans provided the proof.

By Exception Staff November 14, 2013

Gulf of Maine sea temperatures remain high.

By Exception Staff November 22, 2011

Officials didn't find a single asian longhorned beetle or emerald ash borer in samples taken across the state.

By Exception Staff November 18, 2011

NOAA researchers believe predators will venture deeper into the Gulf.

By Exception Staff November 07, 2011

Officials declare an “Unusual Mortality Event."

By Exception Staff November 01, 2011

An environmental group wants the alewife and blueback herring added to the Endangered Species list.

By Exception Staff October 05, 2011

Scientists are comparing ice records from around the globe.

By Exception Staff September 16, 2011

Hopefully another defeat for "Intelligent Design."

By Exception Staff May 24, 2011

Researchers found a correlation between Twitter use and interest in celebrity and entertainment news.

By Exception Staff May 10, 2011

For millions of years, a creature that seemed like a hybrid of a cat and dog roamed Australia and Tanzania.

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