By Sen. Susan Collins November 22, 2011

Federal contracts should always be awarded based on the best value to the taxpayer -- whether it's a contract for a Navy destroyer or a services agreement to cut the grass in front of a federal building.

By Joel S. Hirschhorn November 22, 2011

There is, in fact, enormous public support for addressing both political dysfunction of the two-party plutocracy, economic inequality, money in politics and a host of other public grievances.

By Robert Godfrey November 15, 2011

What planet are the Downeast LNG principals and investors on?

By Sen. Susan Collins November 11, 2011

Americans recently paused on Veterans Day to honor the brave men and women who have secured our freedom by their duty, honor, and sacrifice. We honor them because we know we cannot fully enjoy our freedom without remembering the great price at which it has been purchased.

By Rep. Mike Michaud November 11, 2011

Congress is currently on a path to cut funding for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). With fuel prices on the rise and a stubborn economic recovery, this is absolutely the wrong time to be cutting back on this critical assistance.

By Robert Godfrey November 08, 2011

Calais LNG, a project that has been on the ropes for over a year, continues to misrepresent its project to the public.

By Sen. Susan Collins November 07, 2011

Unfortunately, the Postal Service -- so vital to our economy -- is on the verge of collapse

By Joel S. Hirschhorn October 25, 2011

50 percent of Americans make less than $26,000 a year.

By Sen. Susan Collins October 24, 2011

"USDA's ill-advised proposed regulation seems to have been driven by concern that children eat too many French fries and potato chips. I agree, but there are many other ways to prepare this excellent vegetable."

By Rep. Mike Michaud October 21, 2011

Federal regulations could adversely impact Maine’s biomass and paper industries.

By Jamison Foser October 20, 2011

Snowe is the tenth-richest member of the Senate.

By Joel S. Hirschhorn October 19, 2011

If the Democrats or Obama try to convert the Occupy movement into something that serves their political ambitions it would be a shame.

By J Scott Moody October 07, 2011

Maine’s current and future workforce is both shrinking and aging.

By Rep. Mike Michaud October 07, 2011

I’m extremely concerned about Bank of America's layoff announcement and what it could mean for Maine communities and workers.

By Joel S. Hirschhorn October 05, 2011

Over 20 percent of the 2.14 million federal workforce makes over $100,000.

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