| Nov. 28th, 2015

Subsidized Air Service for Rural Maine

The federal government will subsidize airlines that fly to Presque Isle and Bar Harbor, ensuring that these small Maine communities can stay on the commercial airline grid.

"The loss of this service would have been devastating to both Bar Harbor and Presque Isle," according to Maine Congressman Mike Michaud. "I look forward to working with the communities to make sure these replacements are a success in each region."

The subsidies will be delivered through the Department of Transportation's Essential Air Service (EAS) program, which currently helps airlines that fly to Presque Isle, Bar Harbor, Rockland and Augusta.

Hyannis Air Service Inc., operating as Cape Air, and Peninsula Airways (PenAir) will get EAS funds for a four-year term to serve Bar Harbor. PenAir will operate during the summer tourist season and shuttle passengers between Boston and the Acadia area while Cape Air will operate on a year-round basis. PenAir will also service passengers to Presque Isle.

Photo of the Bar Harbor airport by the Exception Magazine.


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