| Dec. 1st, 2015

Liberal Group Wants Lewiston Mayor to Resign

Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald should resign over his blunt comments about the city's Somali community, according to a liberal advocacy group.

The Maine People's Alliance has launched an online petition demanding Macdonald step down from office because he won't back down from his politically incorrect statements.

Macdonald brought shame to Maine after telling a BBC documentary crew that "you know what, when you come here you accept our culture and leave your culture at the door."

Macdonald doubled down on the statement in an interview with local TV station WGME, saying "“I don't care if you're white, you're black, you're yellow. I don't care what color you are, when you come into the country, you have to accept our culture. Don't try to insert your culture into ours."

He has since blamed the controversy on "these complaints are coming almost exclusively from boo-hoo white do-gooders and their carpetbagger friends" and "a small number of extremist white liberals and their African surrogates."

Photo of Macdonald from the Lewiston City website.


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