| Nov. 30th, 2015

Early Snow Bonus for Maine Skiers

Sugarloaf opened yesterday and early season skiers at the iconic Maine mountain are enjoying a major bonus today: up to a foot of fresh snow.

As of this morning, 5" of snow has fallen, according to the mountain, with a total of 6-12" in the forecast. Sugarload has four trails open, including Tote Road from the top of the Super Quad down to the base lodge.

It's also snowing at Sunday River, which opened its slopes over Halloween weekend. Sunday River currently has five trails open, with T2, Sunday Punch, Upper Sunday Punch and Cascades all groomed and ready for riders.

Saddleback is also getting a big dosing of fresh powder, but it isn't planning to open until December 17.

Photo of Sugarloaf via @cwalx2 and @sugarloaf.


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