| Nov. 26th, 2015

Miss Maine Winners

The annual Miss Maine Day Pageant was held on Sunday, September 25 at the Crooker Theater at Brunswick High School in Brunswick.

Four new Miss Maines were crowned. Here is some background information about the winners and their talents:

Brianna Jack was crowned Miss Mini Maine 2011. She performed a ballet dance and also won the essay contest and interview. Jack is a 7-year-old third grader and daughter of Paul and Billie Jo Jack of Baileyville.

Sophia Jacques was crowned Miss Little Maine 2011. She is a ten-year-old fifth grader and the daughter of Corey and Stephany Jacques of Peru. She performed a tap dance routine.

Alexis Wintle, a thirteen-year-old eighth grader and daughter of Dean and Kristen Wintle of Windham, was crowned Miss Young Teen Maine 2011. She sang and tap danced and picked up wins during the essay contest and interview. She was also named Miss Photogenic.

Katherine Elliot, a sophomore at Scarborough High School and daughter of James and Beth Elliott of Scarborough, was crowned Miss Teen Maine 2011. She sang, won the essay contest, the interview portion of the competition and was named Miss Photogenic.


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