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The Exception Magazine is the news site of record for the food tech and travel industries.  We aim to be your favorite news source for the most inspiring and innovative people, places and ideas.

Our Rankings and Reviews page outlines the methodology we use for our reviews of local restaurants and hotels as well as our FAST FOOD POWER RANKINGS.


History and Mission


The Exception Magazine launched in 2008 to bring quality local and regional news onto the web.

From our humble beginnings as the original online news source for the State of Maine, we’ve since expanded our coverage to other states and local communities across America as our audience has grown. That said, we are still as committed as ever to delivering nonpartisan, original journalism to our readers.

Here at The Exception Magazine, we believe that we can change the world one listicle at a time.


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To connect with our editorial team, email us at editor[at]exceptionmag [dot] com. You can follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.

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The Exception Magazine is owned and privately held by Vendelux LLC.
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