7 Splashy Saloons and Bistros Many Alumni Favor Around Lake Grove, New York

You know that irrational nourishment fad sweeping the nation? Fortunately, the gourmands in Lake Grove, New York make new trends for the saucy boys and girls that they serve. They are skilled leaders and never irrational followers. Fine food is everywhere along the roads of Nassau or Suffolk counties and the scenic byways of the area if you are willing to drive for it.

Nonetheless, even though there have been lasting strides forward in the local nourishment landscape, too many tastemakers from New Jersey remain blissfully unaware of this truth. Snobs like Rachel Khoo can chow in Los Angeles for all we are care.

Sigh. So you believe this locality is only about Ethiopian, Chilean or Vegan food? Think again.

You will relish how the chefs dab with local ingredients from family farms across Gotham in their frittatas or eggs benedicts. They actually look to have a direct connection with local farmers. Here is a secret pro tip to complete the experience: ask about the powerful tasting menu.

Trust us, you have to taste it to believe. Welcome back to Long Island.

The Cheesecake Factory

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610 Smith Haven Mall
Space P-10
Lake Grove, NY 11755