14 Incidents Showing Amy Schumer Might Be a Hipster

Can we go ahead and say the obvious? Amy Schumer is a national treasure. Fairly or not, in America Amy Schumer represents the dichotomy between the feminine ideal and ambition.

To her fanbase, she is estimable because she is an advocate. Sure, our dame has an abundance of cash money now. But she is still compassionate to her posse.

Just the same, she had to overcome adversity to get to the top.

Doubters would sometimes be up in her business, questioning whether she was informed and a natural leader. But check the record now. Amy Schumer won. The ugly, uninformed haters have been silenced.

The enlightened career moves! The quotable moments captured forever! There is so much to like about this babe. There are many times when she was essentially your BFF. It’s like you’ve known each other forever, even if you never meet IRL.

Ladies and gents, these heartwarming images will clarify why Amy Schumer has so many fans. Isn’t it unbelievable how well-known she is? Here are just a few of the times we totally admired this rock star.