Secret Hotels Only Locals Appreciate In Downtown Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn has the choicest boarding lodges in the City. Picture a window into the lives of the good people of Downtown Brooklyn.

We all want a feel good hotel, not a economical flop house or fleabag. That takes some work. We would argue that each traveler should follow their gut when booking the perfect hotel.

Often, visitors want to be near delicious foodie temples or sports stadiums. Other times, you simply care about whether the hotels and resorts are pet friendly or not. It is harsh when rooms are small. Other than that though (since you get what you pay for) these assuredly are sensational resorts and rentals.

The following hotels in this photo gallery have been chosen to be the absolute best in Downtown Brooklyn. We hope you like your hotel and have fun in Downtown Brooklyn.


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85 Flatbush Ave Ext
Downtown Brooklyn
Downtown Brooklyn, NY 11201