10 Times That Tove Lo Was You IRL

Tove Lo is a phenom Swedish singer and songwriter burning up the charts all over the planet these days.

Did you know Tove Lo got her start penning hits for others like Hilary Duff’s “Sparks” and Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do”?

“I think I started to write for others because I didn’t know who I was,” Tove Lo said.  “I was too lost at the time to know who the fuck I was and what I wanted to sing about.”

Once Tove Lo found her inner voice, she started putting out her own monster hits such as “Habits (Stay High)” and  “Talking Body” which peaked at number 12 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

Tove Lo is now on a global tour which she is documenting on Instagram.  By the looks of it, she is totally real and lives her life like many other women.

Here are 10 times that Tove Lo was basically you IRL.


When she was brutally honest about how we all feel in the morning.

tove lo8



She stands up for her friends and is always down to hang out.

Tove Lo5



Because she shared her healthy meal. You are what you eat.

tove lo 9



Because she knows how to rock a silly costume with her crew.

Tove Lo1



She knows that blurry party selfies can be totally appropriate.

Tove Lo3



Because she danced like no one was watching…when a huge crowd was watching.

tove lov 10



When she could joke about female body issues and the male gaze.

tove lo6


Because she knows when to wear a onesie.

Tove Lo2



She knows that naps during the day are essential if you want to bring your A-Game at night.

tove lo 11



She knows you need to be fierce to crush it like a feminist!