Belly Busting Dive Bars to Take Your Sweetheart By Anaheim, California

Where would you take a first date with your potential valentine in Anaheim, California? It’s not always a elementary question for the local Californians. A handful of these dive bars are recognized for serving some food and using the greatest honey or melons for their appetizers. And the Vodka Martinis are high quality too.

The wealthy techies from Seattle that want hipster services can not comprehend these places to eat and party at. But if they mistakenly believe this is a barrio, that’s their issue, not ours. Mark Zuckerberg can party down elsewhere for all we are care.

Anaheim, California is true party territory and the ladies and gentlemen here do not care if a clown like DJ Khaled highlights it on Twitter. If you want German, North African and Brazilian fare or Mint Juleps or Cosmopolitans for lunch or dinner, the following prominent bars and lounges will keep the whole brood coming back for seconds.

Patrons revere how the rational servers try to recommend the finest Manhattans or beers to jibe with their vibe. The conventional clubs and lounges in Anaheim, California can be economical but some are splashy.

There’s a crisis in creativity at so many nightclubs and bars across America. Fortunately the nightclubs and bars here have the cure. Eat and imbibe like there is literally no tomorrow. Notwithstanding what has recently been said, 34-year-olds should be responsible by twilight too!

The Fifth

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1650 S Harbor Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92802