7 Ways Neymar Remembers His Roots. And Now He Is Ready to Take on the Establishment

Can we go ahead and say the obvious? Neymar is a national treasure. He is an advocate for social justice and change. Allies like him make all the difference and make this planet a better place.

Slay, you fearless king! Unfortunately, perhaps because of the system, too many girls and boys turn out to be quite wicked and frivolous once they become big time. Yet this genteel boy is still standout. He is always loyal around other people and not just his group. Neymar has also designated standout causes for all girls and boys to rally around.

Yet his life hasn’t been one never-ending party in the extravagant clubs. The will of Neymar has been tried and tested many times throughout his battle with society. He wasn’t even welcomed back by his own home community.

Doubters were arguing on talk radio about whether he could get to the next level. All you humans need to stop judging Neymar. Say he wants to hit up the VIP after ruling the red carpet. That is his right because he works hard.

In recent times, Neymar seems more comfortable being himself. He has found peace with his friends and old enemies. Is there anything this self-assured feller cannot do? We doubt it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready to feel warm and grateful. It is now time to review the best of Neymar.