16 Heroic Bistros and Pubs with Au Courant Chefs In Birmingham, Michigan

This National Chocolate Lovers Month, for the sake of your sanity, you have got to take a break from the tiresome grind in somewhere like Cleveland. There are stacks of solid choices scattered around the Great Lakes. Keep it simple and try all the perfect food in Birmingham, Michigan. The dining clubs have discovered how to turn food into art.

If we lived in a country where folks were protected from themselves, it would be taboo to live it up at the tasty restaurants here. Don’t claim you laud thicc until you’ve had a deluge of immeasurable servings of tasty fodder here. But none of that totes causes much of any disagreement around this place. The platings of mac and cheese and salads are standout and the nourishment often comes from the nearby woods. A full belly with the crew is what totes matters.

In Birmingham, Michigan, we don’t bow our heads to the brutal Burger King or the cretin Dairy Queen. Our local kitchen apprentices are the only legit royalty we enjoy. Supporters of this city realize they may be burying their gleeful faces into burgers, pizzas, pastas, salads or steaks right this second. Or they may be testing a new item that’s cloyingly sweet and tastes like crack. It is all possible!

Locavores can loudly shout that real, trustworthy men and women make all the meals here. And the cooking gurus go organic and avoid disingenuous cuisine whenever possible. A bunch of restaurants we have showcased in Birmingham, Michigan are extremely lush and appropriate for special occasions. Others are more laid back and better for friends.

Jubilate a holiday, an anniversary or hefty promotion at work. Whatever excuse you need to splurge on a meal made with grapes and chickens. Be urbane about which top-tier restaurants you support.

Cameron’s Steakhouse

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115 Willits St
Downtown Birmingham
Birmingham, MI 48009