Canteens for Scenesters By Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster, Pennsylvania has some of the most fetching cocktail bars on earth right now. Yup, you surely heard that right. These beer halls somehow manage to serve up the tremendous satisfaction of youth. You can see your satisfied clan somewhere on the dance floor going wild and crazy.

One Percenters from Charlotte might not celebrate these clubs. That’s too bad for them! New Yorkers can party down elsewhere for all we are care.

Again…who actually cares though? Desire grilled cheese at splendid brasseries and bistros to look lively during the daytime? Or maybe an abundance of Daiquiris, craft brews or Mint Juleps are what you need this nighttime.

You may be hateful at first by how these sophisticated mixologists use odd garnishes in their lagers. But it all works in the end. You feasibly want to call ahead for a reservation or check for cover charges. We can’t stress this enough times, men and women.

We can never waste any of our discerning readers’ valuable time. So we cut down the list and are only featuring the absolute most sublime bars in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. May your Sundays be full of joyful sundaes.

The Belvedere Inn

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402 N Queen St
Lancaster, PA 17603