5 Elegant Greasy Spoons Only Natives Could Enjoy Around Anthony, New Mexico

Anthony, New Mexico has many of the most nosh-worthy places to eat coffee and biscuits or burgers and pizzas. Ever mosey over to the New Mexico grocery store and ask the staff “where can I buy organic chili peppers or onions?” And then you suddently realize it would be canny to let someone else handle supper. And not your sexy spouse!

There have been sizeable strides for the local food scene recently. However way too many bon vivants remain unaware of this reality. We can admit that these are the type of humans who don’t let anything in between them and immeasurable serving sizes of fried fish and french fries. What’s the issue though? It is all part of the pleasure and grateful attitude.

The merry epicurean experts nearby may not get a plug on Twitter from Elizabeth Warren. But in exchange, New Mexicans can get larger portions at half the price of luncheonettes and canteens in LA or Denver. Like real Mexican, Jewish and German specialties? Or maybe you prefer fried fish and chicken. Either way, get ready to feast.

It’s extraordinary to see how the waiters and waitresses represent the diversity of the Land of Enchantment. They may be dignified, clean cut and well-dressed or skilled, casual hipsters rocking piercing and undercut hairstyles. Either way, they are experts on chow. Why not revel in life’s pleasures with enchanting wine and a quality serving of local food?

All canny eaters need to stumple upon new taverns to find their reason for mirth. That’s why we are here to help! Ok time to chow down some beef, lamb or onions.

Burritos Mendoza

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916 Franklin St
Anthony, TX 79821