5 Tony Super Spots Around Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

If you are going to the Kentucky Derby, we highly recommend a short stopover in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. Fine nourishment is everywhere along the roads of Franklin and Henry counties and the scenic byways of the area if you are willing to drive for it.

Yet, even though there have been lasting strides forward in the local nourishment landscape, too many tastemakers from Jacksonville remain blissfully unaware of this reality. We are convinced that in due time, all the angry skeptics will eat their words.

Fort Mitchell, Kentucky is all about good cuisine and doesn’t give a rip about satisfying the top 1 percent of this earth. In Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, many ingredients are sourced locally from Edmonson and Garrard counties. We heart how epicurean experts definitely bring out the finest flavors using broilers and barley.

If you are an aspiring connoisseur of kohlrabi, bourbon and eggplant, you will absolutely laud how these kitchen wizards have the courage to drop dollops everywhere. The feeding spots in Appalachia have developed a reputation for their quixotic attempts to create the ultimate burger. Got to celebrate the passion.

We have identified a mix of classic eateries. And we then mixed in the new renowned places. This is the first complete tour of the eateries in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky. Find bliss in the future of food and local cuisine.

Greyhound Tavern

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2500 Dixie Hwy
Fort Mitchell, KY 41017