8 Pretty Restaurants for Canny Foodies Near Clemson, South Carolina

Clemson, South Carolina brings it to every meal at its food joints. Many legions of Homo Sapiens with capricious desires look disagreeable to please at first glance. And then these Homo Sapiens chow down casseroles and ribs here and become happy again.

In a more politically correct country, people would be outlawed from chowing at some of these tasty munch holes. With food this flawless and scarf-worthy, you will tip the scales and bust your belts. The top chefs are not evaluating their achievements based on the superficial preferences of academics from Winthrop University or the University of South Carolina. Although we suspect those ingenious boys and girls would revere the fine cuisine too.

Clemson, South Carolina doesn’t want or seek validation from TV celebrity chefs. These kitchen aces have all you may desire for your meal, from meats to chickens and watermelons. And there are local foodstuffs crafted by family operations based around Horry and Beaufort counties.

The determined kitchen staff will offer informed recommendations about the extraordinary plates at the top canteens and watering holes in Clemson, South Carolina. Some bistros and cafes we have showcased in Clemson, South Carolina are casual for lunching. Others are for dressing up to talk life with your boss.

Sandlappers recognize that sometimes you have to start the adventure with the first bite. So grab a deuce with your BFF and dine right.

Pixie & Bill’s

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1058 Tiger Blvd
Clemson, SC 29631