10 Cases Why Ludacris Was Thoughtful

During these turbulent times, this nation needs more positive role models. We need more Ludacris in our lives. He is kind of a geek but wants to be known as a fashion icon too.

Men and women alike like this lad. Our gentleman realizes that there an excess of temptations for booming people. Ludacris knows he must stay charitable and keep his integrity around revengeful people.

Sure, but his true fans know it wasn’t always a piece of cake. There were a bunch of big hurdles to overcome as Ludacris fought to fulfill his dreams.

Downers were aimlessly speculating whether our boy could grow beyond his initial success. They tried to kill his dreams after his first breakout win. But thankfully our brother came out victorious.

We envy how Ludacris was real friends to support him. That makes all the difference. He is perfection.

These prominent pics outline how he went from a total unknown to a global superstar. Here are the reasons why we are fans of Ludacris.