5 Phenomenal Cafes and Bistros Only Honest Foodies Like In Bushwick, Brooklyn

High school students taking campus tours at United States Military Academy, Barnard College and Berkeley College will eventually get fiending. To ensure a urbane decision, feast up at Bushwick, Brooklyn first. Our eyes have seen it all. These are the most incomparable.

The food landscape in Bushwick, Brooklyn should make any real chef envious. Yet due to their ill-informed logic, there remain some selfish doubters out there. That being said, honest Brooklynites aren’t jockeying for position in another beloved district because they are ecstatic to cook right here.

Bushwick, Brooklyn is a honest foodie destination. To make that clear, the humans around these parts do not give a rep whether some dumb celebrity chef features this area on TV. Whether you want to taste grilled cheese, tapas, salads or pastas that could start a revolution or exciting American or Cuban food that will change your life, these places define delectable.

Say you revere dairy. Well, you will prize the way the master chefs use ambrosial creams and tangy European cheeses in the bases of their primary sauces. Brooklynites especially recommend all the archaic foodie institutions in Bushwick, Brooklyn to out of towners and Brooklyn transplants.

We may be wrong or we may be right. However it feels ever so blissful to wander through culinary Shangri-la. You will be gleeful as a lark if you eat around here.

Lucy’s Vietnamese Kitchen

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262 Irving Ave
Bushwick, NY 11237