6 Sporty Cafes and Bistros By Lincoln Park, New Jersey

You know that original chow fad sweeping the nation? Well, thankfully the sous chefs in Lincoln Park, New Jersey create trends for human beings and don’t follow them. Upscale eateries in Lincoln Park, New Jersey are known for being really good. They have fans on each coast and even in Connecticut.

This village may not be the top choice for Euros on holiday. Seriously, Jerry Falwell Jr. and their squad can dine back in New York City and we do not care.

To skilled culinarians in the know, this provincial civic area has bona fide food credentials. We have found that explorers can’t go wrong with burgers and malts. But there are rational choices on the menus too, especially at the top American-style Mexican luncheonettes and canteens.

The badass chefs are all proud provocateurs. You could call it enlightened yet radical cooking. You should be almost offended by what’s possible with a divergent imagination and a touch of cranberries, bell peppers and Snap Beans. You decidedly need to experience these places first-hand to see why so many people are fans. Regulars find the depth of flavors to be phenomenal at any restaurant nearby.

We all need to unearth new places to dine now and then. Eat this good-tasting listicle up friends!

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191 Main St
Lincoln Park, NJ 07035