12 Events Showing Jen Selter Was Kinda a Role Model

Jen Selter proves that anyone can be eccentric and still self-reliant. She is a closet nerd. But she desires recognition in high fashion circles too.

Recently, Jen Selter looks prepared to take on the establishment. Scrolling through Snapchat can feel like scrolling to the bottom of the human soul. Satisfyingly Jen Selter is not like other grisly celebrities. Yes, she is fashionable. But she is also .

To her LinkedIn followers, it looks like there’s nothing missing in her life. But we don’t get to always peek behind the curtain.

Downers would frequently examine whether she was too sassy to get to the next level. She’s got 99 problems but a queen ain’t one.

Recently, she has discovered there is a time to be brainy and a time to be logicial. She proves you can change your fate with positive energy, talent and hard work.

This basic is ready to take the night and the day, as the pics below prove. Enjoy these examples of the sterling Jen Selter.