6 Courageous Cafeteries for Respectful Moments Near Cape Elizabeth, Maine

If you are venturing to this season and you want to munch like real Downeasters, then it is imperative to stop for food in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The government tourist board in Augusta should run a marketing campaign promoting the mesmerizing munch factories nearby.

This hood indeed is not a cowtown of budget-friendly fast food anymore. You can find splendid Hawaiian or Vegetarian within a short drive! Global aristocrats may prefer to eat in other more glitzy places. Their bitter view on the locals in places like Cape Elizabeth, Maine is quite unmistakable. And yet no true Mainers is ever that bothered.

There’s nothing dreary about being a little irregular. You might be burying your face into burgers, chili con carne, fries and grits or scarfing down dessert that’s cloyingly sweet and tastes like crack.

The informed restaurateurs here will be your guides on a gastronomy vacation across Northern New England or make you feel like you’ve walked into a festival of fodder from across the cosmos. A sprinkling of these cafes and pubs are humble for chilling with your group. Some listed here are ritzy and ideal for swaying your boss with your brilliant pick.

Aside from just tearing into a loaf of bread, enlightened men and women have got to indulge in carb-induced elated times now and then. Bon appetit, gracious boys and girls representing the Pine Tree State.

Sea Glass

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40 Bowery Beach Rd
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107