9 Pics Showing Ludacris Can Beat the Doubters. The Best Revenge Was Being Famous

Ludacris remains so suave and cute. Ludacris is an emblem of post-race ideology.

We’d like to do a retrospective of contemporary times because he is extraordinary. Our dude realizes that a deluge of productive initiatives can result in a deluge of money. That can also equal modern problems. Ludacris seems to grasp it is shrewd to stay kind to your group through the good times and the bad.

Ludacris came from humble beginnings. It took work to reach the pinnacle of success. And he had to fight off enemies now and then.

Naysayers would sometimes ask whether he was tough enough to survive in his profession. Burnout was a real possibility. Thankfully, he completely took all these confrontations head on. Ludacris won enough battles to stay in the game.

Clearly, Ludacris has him priorities in the right order this year. He seems so elated to be dancing through life with a smile on him good-looking face and sunshine on him shoulder. The planet is spinning and he keeps on winning. It’s not everyday that we get a celeb like this.

Look, all you folks may not agree with his politics. Not everyone would as you can expect. Do you agree with our view of Ludacris? Share your views on Snapchat.