7 Episodes Proving George W. Bush Was an Accomplished Celebrity

George W. Bush is super relevant to the respected people in DC, Boston and New York. He is respected in red states too. He has crushed it ever since he crept into our national brain and conquered the planet.

Recently he breaks the Internet with every delightful peek into his astounding jetsetting life. Other celebrities are smug when they become high-profile. Nevertheless, George W. Bush is still gay to be around his legit fans. You can sense that when you see what this boy posts on Snapchat.

All that aside, his membership in the elite required overcoming an abundance of ordeals.

Uncountable negative influences used to needlessly speculate on if his riskier lifestyle choices would hold his back later in life. Luckily, he took each situation step by step and won.

After all the hardships, this sexy beefcake still dominates pop culture. It’s awkward to stay on top but he simply manages to still slay. There are many times when he was basically you IRL.

The following examples prove why and how George W. Bush slays everyday. Here are some of the times we categorically admired George W. Bush.