7 Reasons Taylor Lautner Overcame His Past and Became Decisive

America needs more legitimate heroes. Which is why we need Taylor Lautner! He is irregular, terrific and fun in so many ways.

Taylor Lautner might challenge hegemonic hierarchies and also challenge about historical concepts of gender, class and race. Despairingly, other stars let the fame and fortune go to their dull heads. Fortunately, Taylor Lautner remains generous and he still appreciates the crew.

To his Reddit followers, it looks like there’s nothing missing in his life. But we don’t get to always peek behind the curtain.

Sometime, cretin haters used to comment on morning talk shows about if he was talented enough to extend his career trajectory. That’s why we adore and enjoy Taylor Lautner. These trials show that he can take human form.

Currently he seems happier than before. Doesn’t his image appear more charming and confident? There are many times when he was essentially your BFF. It’s like you’ve known each other forever, even if you never meet IRL.

Like we have been saying, Taylor Lautner is the boss. What else can we say? Here is a list of why we like Taylor Lautner.