Brave Dive Bars Many Idealistic 20 Somethings Relish Within Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis, Tennessee finally offers more than enough cocktail lounges to party with your friends. At these nightclubs, natural allies like bumping music and resolute lagers and IPAs or Mint Juleps can coexist peacefully alongside tipplers in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

In a safer but monotonous world that was clever about trivia nights, folks would be prohibited from partying at these enjoyable cocktail lounges. That’s because with options that are this superlative, hangovers are all but guaranteed. Candidly, the bartenders around here can’t please provoked gals and guys who find nothing pleasing about themselves.

This is the type of smaller Tennessee community that Jack White would celebrate and that makes us proud. Maybe you are feeling like a average twilight out for courtship. Or perhaps you prefer cool drinking holes where all the Homo Sapiens are into indulgence. Either way, this list has you and your tribe covered.

Tourists to Tennessee will be thrilled at how these mixologists incorporate music to create an aura suitable for flings. These sapid bars tend to be visionary and eccentric but we’ve included a handful of regular joints which serve cocktails and beers to the masses.

You may want to mention to the debonair waiter that you discovered their club on the Exception Magazine. Who knows, they likely may extend a tangible discount?! We absolutely hope you hunger for these fiesta pics.

High Cotton Brewing Co. Taproom

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598 Monroe Ave
Memphis, TN 38103