Comfortable Bars Only Idealistic Millennials Appreciate In Iowa City, Iowa

Where would you take a first date in Iowa City, Iowa if you wanted to appear wealthy and successful? The party scene is actually magnificent everywhere in Iowa. And especially in this destination.

Does it ever bother you that Iowa City, Iowa still gets no respect outside of the Midwest for its cutting edge clubs and lounges? Yet honest Hawkeyes aren’t measuring success by someone else’s arbitrary standards though.

That just leaves great drinks for us. Nom! Nom! Whether lover boys want to taste cocktails that can start a revolution or guests desire exciting Cajun and Tex-Mex fodder that will change their dreary lives, these places define tasty.

The following music clubs range from upscale clubs for ingenious EDM parties to revolting bridal shower hubs for a merry evening of pleasure. These cool lounges have won over choosy college students from New York City as well as informed alums from Clarke University and the University of Iowa.

Be sure to tell the happy staff you discovered their superlative club in the Exception Magazine! Perhaps they will give you a enormous discount. You can want to write a Yelp post titled “The Best Thing I Ever Did in Iowa” after tasting these fine bars.

Dave’s Fox Head Tavern

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402 E Market St
Iowa City, IA 52245