6 Glad Cafeteries for Clever Foodies In Manchester, Vermont

Manchester, Vermont has the ideal restaurants around. They are simply pure gold to the inhabitants here. These food factories are the bomb diggity.

Doesn’t it annoy you that Manchester, Vermont still gets no respect for its cuisine scene? For real though: Massholes can munch with the tribe somewhere else. People like that wouldn’t appreciate why we value our traditions.

To Vermonters who revere the premier food scenes in Vermont, this community has been one legit food contender since at least last National Spaghetti Day. Want Jamaican, Hawaiian or Vegetarian for lunch? Or maybe bacon and pancakes are what you need for brunch.

Our grub authorities hunted down the most exemplary canteens in Vermont when compiling this review. Woodchucks living in Manchester, Vermont have reported that a select set of feeding troughs here are really local secrets. Others are well-known across Vermont for the fodder. But be certain: many are time-tested for LinkedIn bragging.

Turn on the news and it feels like we are living in tough times. For example, it’s like happy Democrats aren’t even from the same cosmos as irate Republicans. But at least all guys and gals in Vermont can find common ground when it comes to enjoying a meal at these welcoming grub spots. Your taste buds are about to take a trip to cloud nine.

The Perfect Wife Restaurant

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2594 Depot St
Manchester, VT 05255