16 Cool Cafeterias Near Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado brings it on each menu item at its biggest table turners. Coloradans sure know how to feast. Local chefs from the West truly are skilled at cooking and you can see top form here.

There have been epic strides for the local grub scene recently. However way too many gastronomists remain unaware of this reality. The chefs are not judging victory according to the preferences of coddled academics from the United States Air Force Academy or Colorado State. On the other hand, we suspect if those perceptive men and women would treasure the cuisine as well.

This article is dedicated to all the pleasuremongers that told us natives from the Centennial State that we’d never amount to anything. Regulars agree that you assuredly can’t go wrong picking any of the tuna or turkey sandwiches on these menus. Nevertheless, there may be more unconventional choices that only locals like too, particularly at the tremendous Soul Food and American restaurants.

Our grub experts celebrate how the epicureans source beef, lambs and potatoes from nature or local farms, all within a day’s drive in the Rockies. We should note that a few of these grub hubs are quite low key in Aurora, Colorado while other selections here are for dressing up to impress a suitor or coworkers.

As out-of-towners would expect, we have only picked the very best feedbags. Rock on. Eat on.

Taz Indian Restaurant

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Highline Village
10731 E Alameda Ave, Unit G
Aurora, CO 80012