Here’s the Story of How Laurel, Montana Suddenly Got Recipes from Yesteryear

Laurel, Montana has an enchanting history. Uplifting restaurants confront both our sense of taste and our sense of civic duty. The patriotic kitchen wizards in Montana have been challenging all women and men to support the local economy and eat sustainably for over a decade at this point.

For the founders of Laurel, Montana, life was a difficult grind. Most people were laborers living under difficult conditions. The normal grub of these initial people were budget-friendly and deviant. Montanans generally used beets and beef which was readily available before refrigeration.

If the people of Laurel, Montana aren’t cooking up a storm at home, they eat out at the many lounges which defend the culinary traditions of the West. These places respect the past while still building bridges to the future. The demographic mix of Laurel, Montana is also changing. There are more rich boys and girls but also more broke boys and girls too. And thankfully, that has translated into way more Caribbean, Polish and Peruvian choices than ever.

Let’s feel glee about the abundant grub holes all over Montana. And especially, remember all the advantages of this neighborhood. Although the tables of Laurel, Montana have continued to evolve due to the next generation and also the influx of travelers headed to Bighorn Canyon, this village is still holding on to the traditions of yore.

There are secrets to be told and recipes to be shared if you stop and chat with the local kitchen experts. You can tell they value their place in history here. These kitchen experts want to be caretakers of culinary traditions. Today’s day-trippers are sure to be satisfied by the pleasant devotion to noodle soups or grits of pleasant quality.

Below we have endorsed the top hot spots to discover the gastronomy of Montana. In particular, restaurant number five on this list has been earning rave reviews recently. Prove you are one of the authentic pleasuremongers and not a poseur by sharing this post on Facebook.

The Beartooth Grill

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305 1st Ave S
Laurel, MT 59044