13 Odd Times Luis Suarez Was Upbeat

Luis Suarez is inspiring. He doesn’t let any fellow define him or hold him down.

To his biggest fans, his dominance is clear. All guys and gals should try to make this galaxy a better place. Luis Suarez is trying and is becoming more successful with each attempt. We also love how he is never mean about his jaunt to dreamland.

A bit of perspective is necessary however.

Doubters had been arguing on talk radio about whether he was skilled, knowledgeable and strong. Few can succeed in his profession. For real, who cares about his makeup technique or quirky fashion faux pas? Not the readers of the Exception Magazine!

Luis Suarez is one of the all-time greats. In summary, Luis Suarez is the greatest. Whether you like him for his fashion lessons, hair and makeup pointers or career advice, he is a worthwhile leader.

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