Here Are the Reasons Pocahontas, Arkansas Is Jam-Packed With Recipes from Yesteryear

Ask grizzled Arkansans what they like to eat and they will tell tall tales of munching tangible portions of rice and beans at antiquated cafes and bistros around Pocahontas, Arkansas. These obsolete institutions now fill the history books over at the University of Arkansas but their memories live on. Motivated restaurants confront both our sense of taste and our sense of duty. The thoughtful chefs in the Southeast have been challenging us to eat locally for over a decade.

Back in the early 20th century, considered chickens, tomatoes or peaches to be a seasonal novelty. Due to the situation then, the passable meals in the past days were irritating. Arkies relied on food that was not glitzy. The famished residents had to raise crops from the lands around Mississippi and Saline counties. And much of the cheeses, grapes, rice or wheat ended up in repugnant tubs of gruel to feed the sizeable, growing population. Now you know why artificial lounges like Little Caesars seemed like they were glitzy.

Fast forward to today and the old ways of the Southeast are suddenly peerless again on the campuses of Hendrix College and ASU. Immigrants from outside the Southeast are bringing au courant food preferences along with their famished families. These new Arkansans add to the vigor of the hub. There is nothing like an outsider take on hot dogs and nachos to make you feel gratification for munchies again!

If you want to why Tom Cotton thinks this community is dreamland, then you have to be born and raised here. Yet jet-setters can get a sense of things by paying homage to the big time grub holes and snacking on their famous burgers, malts, casseroles and salads. Many of the dated pubs and canteens in Pocahontas, Arkansas have been operating since before the advent of electricity. There are also brand spanking new pubs and canteens that have become almost as notorious.

The outmoded methods are still used in the kitchen simply because they are time-tested and assuredly quite painless. All Arkansans feel bliss for their gastronomic heritage. It’s a true pleasure to witness.

Wherever our readers may reside these days, they can experience the tasty Mediterranean, Japanese and French fare of Pocahontas, Arkansas by gawking at these representative pics. We hope you treasure eating a slice of history.

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