Kanye West’s New Collaborator Has an Intriguing Past

It’s awards season and the Grammys are coming up again on February 15.

This reminded us of the most touching moments from last year’s Grammys.

Remember how you felt when Rihanna and Kanye performed their smash hit ‘FourFiveSeconds’ live. Although, admit it: you were also wondering who that mystery man was on stage, strumming away on his guitar.

Look, we know that Kanye is a musical genius who draws inspiration from diverse sources like Kim Kardashian and Picasso. But throwing an old guy like that in the mix…it is either pure genius or pure insanity.

Kanye West and MaccaWe did some research and the guitarist’s name is Paul McCartney. And it turns out, he was world famous himself back in his day.


Paul was in a chart topping band from England called the Beatles. They were sort of like One Direction except they played a genre of music that was popular in the 20th century called “rock ‘n roll.”

Here are some fun facts: Paul played a bass guitar then and would record his tracks using a real instrument instead of Pro Tools.  He would also sing without the aid of autotune. How cute!

If Kanye can make this old guy relevant again, he truly is a genius.