7 Breathtaking Moments Russell Wilson Has Been Truly Brainy

Russell Wilson is more sophisticated and successful than you may realize. Furthermore, he is known for being true and capable. Russell Wilson is also coming around and embracing his sexuality.

To his fanbase, he is cool because he is an advocate. In our vicious society, so many people would become vicious if they were this productive. Yet our beefcake stays courteous. Russell Wilson is always rational about how he treats the little people.

To his hardcore fans, it sure looks like there’s nothing missing in his life. But we wouldn’t be surprised if he is seeking a higher reality.

Naysayers used to mull over whether he was decisive and could win in the big leagues. Who cares how much he weighs or who he ever dated? Girlfriends, wives and lovers all come and go.

In recent years, Russell Wilson seems more tenacious being himself. He has made peace with his former paramour. His life proves you can have it all.

The following examples prove why and how Russell Wilson slays everyday. Your Snapchat friends probably demand that you share this post filled with love.