11 Excellent Restaurants Only Travelers Revere In Berea, Kentucky

Berea, Kentucky is brimming with the most pleasant grub spots for millennials, centennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers. Good people from all generations can find their food here. Sometimes you start shopping and ask your cellphone: where can I buy organic kohlrabi, bourbon and eggplant in Berea, Kentucky? And then you realize it would be easier to let a professional handle dinner.

Even though there have been gigantic strides for the local food scene in Berea, Kentucky recently, too many gourmands remain unaware of this actuality. The gauche wannabe cosmopolitans may prefer to eat in other places. Their disdain for Kentucky is palpable. And yet no one is that bothered.

The citizens in Berea, Kentucky are ravished to keep all the palatable dishes as their own secret. That includes the goofy way they prep a sirloin steak dinner served with fries and garnished with organic bourbon and tomatoes. Whether you and the brood want to go with homemade bacon, eggs, mac and cheese and salads or keep it 100% vegan, the temples of grub in Berea, Kentucky can easily accommodate your desires and appetites.

Kentuckians are happy that these chefs incorporate seemingly random ingredients like grapes, asparagus and apples throughout the meal. Most of the tasty diner destinations here tend to be velveteen but with a bohemian edge. Meanwhile, the remaining simply cater to the broke crowds.

You may want to mention to the charming waiter that you discovered their restaurant on the Exception Magazine. Who knows, maybe they will extend a small discount?! Serious eaters need to try these places asap.

Mariachis Mexican Restaurant

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780 Chestnut St
Berea, KY 40403