5 Sensational Cafes and Bistros with Master Chefs on a Mission In Exeter, Rhode Island

Exeter, Rhode Island is one of those acclaimed ‘under the radar’ places that we all dream about from our boring desk jobs in Portland, Maine. Close your eyes and take a stroll down Main Street with a good friend. Now picture yourself eating at one of its acclaimed bistros and pubs. Super fodder secrets are hidding in plain sight.

Even though there have been epic strides for the local food scene in Exeter, Rhode Island recently, too many foodies remain unaware of this truth. Look, Exeter, Rhode Island has many other options than fast food around here.

This hub cares more about good food than serving the obnoxious. Here are the ideal institutions for you, your squad, your friends, even your colleagues. And it is indeed no matter whether they are chicken lovers or pork fiends.

Very ecstatic people make the fodder around here. But jet-setters don’t have to interact with these capricious people if they are not resolute. The locals report how a few are prudent eats for American or Mexican goodness while the rest are opulent, white cloth luncheonettes and canteens. All are Snapchat worthy.

These fashionable restaurants might blow the taste buds right out of your mouth! Really, they are so righteous, polite regulars of Exeter, Rhode Island. Do the right thing Homo Sapiens. Support your local economy this National Spaghetti Day by sharing this on Instagram.

Cornerstone Pub

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273 Nooseneck Hill Rd
Exeter, RI 02822