While the Entire Media Reported on Leo DiCaprio and Lady Gaga, No Reporters Are Covering the South Carolina Primaries

At the Exception Magazine, we cover inspirational people from all walks of life. That include billionaires and politicians, celebrities and athletes.  But we also cover local civic leaders and anyone making a difference in their community.

So while we aren’t above the occasional “celebreality” post (see: Look at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Face When Lady Gaga Gets Her Golden Globe), we do want to draw your attention to other key events that are happening in the world. And nothing is more important than America’s upcoming presidential primaries.

According to Andrew Springer, founder of the local news site WeHeartWV, the media needs to check its priorities:

I have seen every major news organization write an article on the face Leonardo DiCaprio made when Lady Gaga walked by and the Golden Globes have only been off the air for 26 minutes. Meanwhile, there are three political reporters in the state of South Carolina (hashtag things you learn on the campaign trail). We should be scared. We should stop clicking.

The South Carolina primary is coming up soon on February 27 and only 3 reporters are on the ground?!?

Are you scared too? Sound off in the comments.