6 Most Tempting Restaurants to Treat the Whole Tribe In Alden, New York

Alden, New York has heaps of tenacious eating places. The secret is out! We hear rappers and other big time ballers wanna grub around here and post about their New York escapades on Reddit.

Undeniably, this burg still flies under the radar, especially when compared to the grandstanding chefs from Miami. Who truly cares if the timeless recipes for maple syrup or apples are ever featured on the Food Network?

Every dark cloud has a silver lining and for the local Upstate New Yorkers, that means tons of awesome tacos and burgers and none of the hype. Masticate kush pork, fish or duck during your main meal. It should be straightforward to load up on iron and protein.

The restaurants are perfect for that once in a blue moon, special occasion. Or if you are really hungry and need to feed your posse. Prix fixe is a renowned topic these days throughout the Tri-State. But check to see if that’s available first.

It may be lazy or it may be rational. But it assuredly feels so top-notch to get lost in food paradise. Eat like a horse tonight.

Town & Country Family Restaurant

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12701 Broadway St
Alden, NY 14004