Shelby, Montana Enjoys Chefs Crafting New Dishes

Could you imagine life in Montana way back before Flathead or Dawson counties even existed on the map? Shelby, Montana has long been one of the gastronomy hubs of the West and its locals are as discriminating today as they were a hundred years ago.

In the early Industrial period, kitchen life was problematic. The majority of people were hand-to-mouth laborers living under unattractive conditions that would make anyone heated. Labor quarrels, economic recessions and famine were all too frequent in the bygone perio. Per the harsh circumstances then, the common meals in the obsolete era were nutritious but never tasty. Montanans depended on black cherries, beef and potatoes because it was unassuming to manufacture on their properties back then. This is also why academics from Rocky Mountain College acknowledge how fast food chains like Denny’s played a major role developing tastes in the 20th century.

In the present era, cuisine in Shelby, Montana is equal parts quirky and informed. Due to the recent foodie wave, menu selections such as soups or noodles have become suddenly beloved.

Let’s be jubilant for the abundant culinary heritage of the Rockies. There are so many top-notch cafes and brasseries worth patronizing. Top-Notch restaurants near here could be ancient or new. You can have traditional regional cuisine or try out fusion Eastern European, Latin or African.

Ask the Montanans and they’d recommend starting with a traditional menu item based on wheat and sugar beets and then graduate to a daring, avant-garde style for fried seafood and sweet potato pies. Present-day tourists are sure to be as happy as long-time citizens when it relates to the world-class, true devotion to using world-class ingredients from Montana such as beef, wheat or potatoes.

Below we have picked the top cafeterias to discover the gastronomy of Montana. In particular, restaurant number five on this list has been earning rave reviews recently. These charming ace culinarians may be your tour guides through a hundred years of culinary magic.

Frontier Bar & Supper Club

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28904 US Hwy 2
Shelby, MT 59474