Don’t Ask Google ‘What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?’

The dinosaurs roamed the earth for millions of years and then one day, these prehistoric creators vanished in a mass extinction. Ask any school kid, and they will tell you that this was likely caused by an asteroid hitting earth around 66 million years ago. All we have left are the fossils to study.

But apparently there are some people out there who don’t believe the scientific evidence. To our shock and dismay, they don’t even believe that the dinosaurs lived on earth millions of years ago.  And unfortunately, they are trying (and succeeding!) to push their crazy agenda on everyone else.

To see what we mean, open up a new tab in your browser and run the innocent Google search query “What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs.”

Now gasp in horror as Google recommends an answer and website by anti-science creationists!


what really happened to the dinosaurs google


At the top link, Answers In Genesis, there is an outrageous argument that the earth can only be 6,000 years old because the bible said so. Therefore, in this unfalsifiable view, dinosaurs didn’t live in prehistoric times at all.

To creationists, dinosaurs lived on earth with Adam and Eve. And the dinosaur deaths were not caused by an asteroid but by Adam’s original sin.



It gets even zanier. According to the Answers in Genesis site, the dinosaurs were also on Noah’s Ark!

After the Flood, around 4,300 years ago, the remnant of the land animals, including dinosaurs, came off the Ark and lived in the present world, along with people. Because of sin, the judgments of the Curse and the Flood have greatly changed earth. Post-Flood climatic change, lack of food, disease, and man’s activities caused many types of animals to become extinct. The dinosaurs, like many other creatures, died out.

Imagine if a child was doing research and came across this nonsense! As we reported on the Exception Magazine, a recent study shows that some people are becoming over-dependent on Google to answer all of life’s questions.

The only conclusion here (other than to believe in dinosaurs!!) is to think for yourself and check all the facts.