7 Verifications That Gareth Bale Remains Comfortable in His Own Skin

Gareth Bale has become more self-aware and intelligent than you may realize. He is a natural performer and brings raw power to every scene.

Gareth Bale makes elites uncomfortable because he could unpack normative dichotomies by negating stale ideas of the Other. When you get this high above the masses, we can apprehend how you might be a considerable jerk. Gareth Bale seems to manage this temptation in a smart manner.

That being said, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Just think of all the adversity and haters.

So many sullen trolls used to joke about how he could even comprehend politics. Overcoming adversity is why he’s enchanting.

This paragon of talented masculinity seems content to be the Internet’s boy toy. He is now a high net worth individual. You know, the type of hunk who might sing out “You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti?” because I got them both.

These photographs summarize why young guys everywhere care about him and aspire to be just as hot. Here are some of the less than obvious ways we like Gareth Bale.