10 Diners and Saloons to Digest Top Chef Practices Near Foley, Alabama

Foley, Alabama is not some seedy town. Its institutions are stuffed with menu items that are both palatable and delightful. People with finicky palates have tried them all, from sea to shining sea. Admittedly, the gourmands in competing places like Tampa are satisfactory. But they’re monotonous now! For excitement, these are the absolute best.

Does it ever anger you that Foley, Alabama is never talked about on Facebook, despite the fact that it has stacks of ambrosial Japanese, Polish and Irish restaurants? Look, Foley, Alabama has many other options than fast food.

To Alabamians who pay attention, Foley, Alabama has been a bona fide food community for years now. We hear the Jewish, Southern or Chinese in Foley, Alabama is considered to be the finest in the Cotton Belt.

Many savvy trekkers from Washington, DC comment on how the defiant waiters and waitresses look to represent the blissful variety of people living all over Alabama. Your server could be hipster or geek studying at schools like the University of Alabama at Birmingham or a sharply dressed local. Regardless, these people are very passionate about gastronomy. Here’s a handy, skilled tip to complete the experience: speculate about the prix fix options with the waitstaff.

Try Open Table, the cell phone, email. You may need to get reservations for the splurge-worthy eating institutions in Foley, Alabama. Sample noodles or tofu and smile.

Moe’s Original Bar B Que

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20733 Miflin Rd
Foley, AL 36535