Rick Ross Is Now Da Boss at Checkers


Back in May, Rick Ross got fast food and rap fans alike talking when he posted a series of Snapchats from a meeting at Checkers corporate office in Florida. Now the rapper has announced he is purchasing his hometown checkers in Carol City, Florida, a neighborhood in Miami Gardens.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Rick Ross and his sister Tawanda join our system,” said Scott Wakeman, Senior Marketing Director at Checkers in a statement. “His authentic love of the Checkers brand and his desire to give back to his community, are passions that we, as a company, share.”

In a video released by Uproxx, the larger-than-life rapper explains his rationale for buying the suburban burger chain. “I’m in a financial position where, whatever I want to have, I can have it,” he said in the short video documentary. “I want Checkers.”

Ross has made similar headlines in the past for acquiring a number of Wingstop franchises. To date, he has over 25 around the country, mostly in the southeast. Ross’s investments in Wingstop raked in about $7 million in 2014, when he opened a majority of his franchises. Each Wingstop brings in about $200,000 per franchise in annual profit, with Forbes predicting that Ross’ endorsement can increase monthly revenue by 50%.

While Wingstop was a long-term obsession of Ross, featured frequently in his lyrics and social media posts, he has been more low-key about his interest in Checkers. While the decision to purchase this specific Checkers seems to be as much about giving back to his hometown community as it is purely business, the Snapchat videos and Ross’ excitement about the deal suggest more locations may soon be added to his portfolio.

Ross is hardly the first musician to try his hand investing in the business of food. Jay Z has owned the 40/40 Club in New York City for over a decade but other locations have not had the same longevity. In 2015, Snoop Dogg invested in popular California-based coffee chain Philz, joining other investors in a $15 million Series B funding round. DJ Khaled‘s Finga Licking in Miami opened in July to mostly positive reviews.

Checkers Drive-In Restaurants Inc. became a staple in the fast-food industry in 1986 in Mobile, Alabama, and now has locations in 28 states. The restaurant’s flavored burgers and fries, along with the genius creation of double drive-thru lanes, instantly became a family favorite in the Southeast and Midwest regions.

So, if you happen to be in the Miami area, stop by Ross’ Checkers location. You may even see Da Boss himself.