How to Take Dog Photos Like a Pro

Who doesn’t like taking photos of their favorite pet and sharing them with the world?  Whether your pup is playing or snuggling, or just living everyday moments, dog pics are absolutely adorable.

You’ll need more than a nice camera. There’s an art and technique involved here.

That’s because sometimes fido can be so fidgety! And that makes it tough to snap the right pic.

Thanks to insights from Jaderbug Photography, we now have all the pro tips we need to take incredible dog photos that will last a lifetime.

Here’s how to take dog pics like a boss!


To get started, remember the ‘rule of thirds.’ Split your image into 9 equal parts and place your dog’s face where two lines intersect. dog-3rds-800x532



Keep those amazing eyes of your puppy in focus. SO CUTE!




Snap an action shot while your dog is doing what she loves. What a boss!




Get down to your dog’s level. This is a perfect pro photographer move to capture the moment forever.



Sometimes a full frame shot is the ideal way to capture your dog’s personality.




Break the rules and experiment! You never know which amazing moments you can capture with a camera.



Be sure to share your money shot with all your friends!



OMG SO money!


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