11 Cute Pics Proving Taylor Lautner Had the Liberty to Be a Fashion Icon

Taylor Lautner is more YOLO than human beings realize. Confidence takes years and this lad shows the way.

To even the casual fan, his rule is already spellbinding. For the time being, Instagram looks like a sickening parade of jealous people. But Taylor Lautner sets an example by being sweet to others.

Yet there have been heaps of doubters along his way.

Naysayers used to needlessly deconstruct whether Taylor Lautner was logical enough to get to the next level. Could he learn how to be a pro? If Taylor Lautner wants to casually munch on Pizza Hut after a serious day at work, that’s his decision to chew over. Stop judging which food he recognized when he got famished!

At present he seems happier than before. This nice beefcake is standout to us.

The following incidents prove why and how Taylor Lautner slays everyday. Ok, enough words already. Time to recap the major reasons, in photo form, of we like Taylor Lautner.